Carl Nelson and George Hoo in an early years time out.

Coach Nelson still at it in 2024.

Welcome to the Hurricane wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame page is dedicated to Huntsville Hurricane Basketball Club founding members George Hoo and Carl Nelson.   These two coaches, who arrived in Huntsville during the same period, when basketball quality was at its lowest level; demanded commitment and effort from their players and turned it into a program of excellence for over a quarter of a century.  Carl and George coached with the Hurricanes for 28 and 19 years resepctively, both often coaching multiple teams in the same season.   Their teams won multiple championships while supporting the high school program which culminated in an OFSAA Gold Medal and a silver medal at the 2000 National Invitational Tournament.  George and Carl set the coaching standard for dedication and excellence that displayed an example for those that followed, influencing thousands of young athletes and dozens of coaches.

What was started as a developmental program for Huntsville High School, the Hurricanes now accept players from all over the region nurturing basketballl from first time players to elite athletes looking to play at the next level.

We would like to thank and honor everyone who has helped shape of the face of the Huntsville Hurricanes Basketball Club over the years. We believe that it takes a large community of Athletes, Coaches, Managers and Builders to create an organization such as ours and feel that this list reflects a superior level of dedication and excellence.

Team Ontario Athletes

  • Tierney Hoo
  • Rachael Hopson
  • Phillip Mathies
  • Ella Rees

Post Secondary School Athletes

  • Aaron Chapman (Niagara College)
  • Kaitlyn Dafoe (University of Ottawa)
  • Celeste Dupuis (Nipissing University)
  • Julie Hoo (Carleton University)
  • Tierney Hoo (Laurentian University)
  • Rachael Hopson (Jefferson State College)
  • Julia Kay (Laurentian University)
  • Phillip Mathies (Guelph University)
  • Taylor McAlpine (York University)
  • Merissa Moore (George Brown College)
  • Jeff Nelson (Sir Sandford Fleming College)
  • Amanda Orr (Humber College)
  • Urvi Patel (George Brown College)

25 Year Members

  • Carl Nelson
  • Michael Simonett

15 Year Members

  • George Hoo
  • Austin Simonett

10 Year Members

  • Andy Atkins
  • Maddie Austin
  • Scott Barker
  • Lauren Cornwell
  • Samantha Garrod
  • Martha Lapp
  • Lynne Newell
  • Isaiah Nikiforuk
  • Ann Murat
  • Kelly Picken
  • Sheila Roberson
  • Craig Teakle

8 Year Athletes as a Hurricane

  • Maggie Atkins
  • Alison Boucher
  • Aaron Chapman
  • Jordan Connolly
  • Nicole Cotterchio
  • Kristen Dafoe
  • Takiah Ebbs-Picken
  • Spencer Hazelwood
  • Cody Hiscox
  • Julie Hoo
  • Elly Lapp
  • Josh Main
  • Emma McAlpine
  • Michelle Murat
  • Puran Patel
  • Urvi Patel
  • Alexis Roberson
  • Kaiya Roberson
  • Austin Simonett
  • Mason Smith
  • Laura Stilwell
  • Stephanie Strang
  • Riley Truax



Should you know of someone, including yourself, who should be on the lists above please let us know so we can update this page.   Click here to send us a message.  We appreciate all who should be recognized and apologize for those that have been left off unintentionally.


  • All Team Ontario athletes played at least one season with the Hurricanes.

  • All Post Secondary athletes played at least one season with the Hurricanes.

  • Years of service includes all years as a rep team Athlete, Coach and Builder.

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